Drum Lessons for ALL Ages!!


                     Chris Amato - Drummer / Instructor

Hello & Welcome.  Thank you for visiting my site.

I hope that it proves to be interesting, informative & entertaining.


 I am a full time Drum Instructor, Performer & Studio musician.

I teach from a street level, practical application-based system. Instructing the fundamentals of song playing from the ground up, which I have coined the "Stair Step" method.  This system has proven to work for all ages & all learning styles.

   I am a regular Instructor for two City Parks & Rec. Districts, several Elementary & Middle Schools, two Charter Schools & a couple dozen dedicated Private students.

I currently play in 6 working bands including a Jazz/Latin quartet, a Pop/Rock band for Kids & families, a WHO tribute band, a Bagpipe Marching band and to round off the week...a couple of church bands.

  Feel free to send me a note for more information or to chat about upcoming Classes, Private Lessons, Scheduling, Booking a  band or DRUMS in general.


I hope you enjoy my site.

Please visit often as I will be updating the content regularly.


- Chris    

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